Wednesday, May 4, 2011



dok belek2 folder then jumpa satu hasil masa sem 1 dulu. ahahaha.

ShiaPa kaMi??

faZa    - the poyOest person in the world award goes toooo........HIM!!

aFiq     - the class mOney-keeper; eventhough he said 1+1 equals to 11

iFa       - never take her size fOr granted – she's as strong as a dynamite

epOi    - don't let his loOks fOols you – the mOSt 'nakal' boy in the class

fAiz     - often accused as a liar even when he puts his mOst innocent face

saLly   - the best wOrds to describe her : wOrld, chOcolate, gapo?

amiR   - wears a 'drug-addict' loOk. (don't mad at me ok. It's true)

miZi    - makes surau as his second rOom.. (respect him sOOo much!)

ikA      - a girl whO is always associated with milk

ziRa     -  a sleeping beauty whO is forever in dreamland

k.iLa    - give her an assignment and she'll fOrget the wOrld

zaKi    - a very rare species Of men – the LPKC (lelaki paling kurang cakap)..pleasEE!!

iEra     - quenn of vOice. Ask her to sing a song.. 'tangkap lentOk beb'

fatiN   - the most happy gO lucky girl in the class

azI       - a girl whO stays as sOft as cOtton but ahhh!!..... that's only in class

k.zuRA- elegant, caring, cute...enOugh about me, let's talk about her..hehe

fizA     - even candy  can athe sweeter than her

syaMim – 1F always in tip-top diciplines under his surveillance,,(yekeee???)

amY - is she in this class? opss.

sHaza  - judge me by yOurself k?? (',^)

JUST 4 FUN,,!!